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The Conclave and Guilds Empty The Conclave and Guilds

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The Conclave was created some time after the destruction of Tilbury to keep the events of the region's destruction from reoccurring. The goal and mission of the Conclave is to completely control magic. As such, groups of mages from the Conclave, such as its Inquisitors, have traversed much of Ara'niel, seeking to regulate such things. Those who do not submit to their will are either killed or forced into submission. With the Conclave's high stature and overwhelming magical resources, iti s no wonder that so many opt to kneel rather than stand against.

However, there exists some magical communities that do not adhere to the Conclave's regulation. For reasons of their own they refuse to submit or simply do not agree with the Conclave's ideology. Guilds, as these communities are called, usually seek freedom in the face of destruction and persecution from, or annexation into, the Conclave. Members often hide when a group of mages related to the Conclave pass through, relying on the populace not to alert them to his or her presence. For this reason, most guilds havea working function or niche they fulfill for a given region. They must effectively 'buy out' the area they inhabit to preserve their independence. In exchange for a guild's services, the local populace pays blind eyes and sealed lips to their presence whenever they are visited by the Conclave.

There are some cases in which the Conclave is quite confident that a guild is in the area and knows they won't receive any information without a 'gift'. The Conclave has been known to offer better services and politically endorse any area for their support in rooting out the local guilds. In this way they are taking over, one less guild at a time.

There are other cases in which the local populace is completely unaware of a guild's presence, either by the guild concealing itself or simply not having a permanent base of operations. A wandering guild, especially those few in number, are much harder to locate and point out.

Then there are guilds that are quite powerful on their own. They offer exemplary services or control artifacts that the Conclave cannot compete with and are often in distant, hard-to-reach places. The Conclave may or may not know of the existence of such guilds. In the case that it does, the Conclave either cannot effectively muster the resources in the area to crush the powerful guild or needn't bother with its presence. However, once easier matters are dealt with, all guilds will face the Conclave's might - for better or worse.

In the case where a magical group exists that is unaware of the Conclave, that group is not referred to as a guild, such as the establishment in Almeoth-Mardeo.

Where single individuals are concerned, they are simply referred to 'rogue' mages.

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