Purpose of The Tavern; Read Before You Post

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Purpose of The Tavern; Read Before You Post Empty Purpose of The Tavern; Read Before You Post

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 17, 2010 6:24 am

The Tavern serves as a general free-form roleplaying section of RoKK. None of the roleplaying rules nor characters directly apply to this section, though GMs that propose free-form roleplaying activities may decide to allow/include them.

This section should only have threads pertaining to the activity of free-form roleplay. This bars discussion of free-form roleplay and any random nonsense. The only threads allowed in this section are those that attempt to gain/gauge interest in a proposed free-form roleplay, the free-form roleplay itself, and OOC threads.

The rules for each free-form roleplay are up to the respective GM. That said, basic forum guidelines must be followed per the rules of Forumotion and any additional rules imposed by RoKK.

This thread will be updated in the future to provide more information.

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