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Name: Prince Aerywyn Haerthorne

Alias: Lord of the Mearc, Vaskiefr al’ Tirudaí

Class: Pilgrim; Prince; Hunter

Fighting Style: Over a millennia of warfare has made Aerywyn into a formidable warrior and tactician, amongst other things. Having resided in the Mearc for most of his life he was and still is a great woodsman and archer, though he has always preferred to be close to his enemies. His determination will have him throwing himself again and again at his opponent, yet his behaviour in battle is often erratic, swinging between fey joy, irrational outbursts of anger and calm patience – almost surrender. His insanity draws to such a point where at the point of victory at the Battle of Mount Tarin, he offered to throw his life away to prove a point.

Appearance: Aerywyn stands tall with broad shoulders and a lithe body, closer to the hunters of our forefathers than the warriors of today. Sinewy muscles cover his body, and though only 6’3”, small compared to many of the greatest warriors of his time, he holds within him an aura of strength and charisma lines his every step. The Prince wears a sturdy set of half-plate with shoulder guards, engraved with swirling runes and spells at a later date than whence it was forged, and silver vines cover the steel, almost as if they grew to fit the armour. Underneath lies a coat of fine chain mail, covering most of his body. He has no helm so his fair face and light brown hair are unfettered, blood running forever like tears from his left eye, where his master’s nail cut the skin. After he became Vaskiefr his strength and nobility where greatly enhanced among others, but it infused a sense of sadness and hopelessness into his proud demeanor. When he flies into a rage, the Demon Vaurkann contorts Aerywyn's features into frightful masks of hate and daimonic fury.

Magic/Powers: As Vaskiefr, Aerywyn has magic that is very familiar to that of Belial the wolf (Vaskiargt), both having sway over the more primal forms that death, corruption and destruction take, although Aerywyn’s is not as wild as his counter-part, containing more elements of cunning and more complex emotion; generally more human, so to speak. Aside from that, his powers are as listed...

Berserkir Rage: By invoking those memories sealed in the back of his mind that have caused him so much grief, Aerywyn vents some of his infernal fury in a reckless, adrenaline fuelled rage. In this state he is gifted with godlike strength and a wild, ferocious demeanour, and shrugs off fatal blows as if they are nothing. However it uses most of his physical resources, leaving him drained and incredibly tired once finished.

Blood Ties: The wraiths and spirits of the Mearc and Altheas still wander these planes due to the horrible ways in which they died. Filled with hate they are naturally attracted to Aerywyn, who is not only the harbinger of vengeance but their own blood and kin. They take up their arms once more to fight for their lord and strangle the very air with their echoing cries and apparitions. Their presence strengthens him, as his does theirs.

Vier’lantí: The Aer’viel are of all the deceased the closest to Prince Aerywyn, and he has spent many a night conversing with the lifeless corpses of his closest friends. With the power that flows within him he can even see those old warriors from days gone by, talk with them, even fight with them. These spirits have retained much of their personalities and their minds, and thus are almost exactly as they once were. Minus the heart. They’ve even given themselves a new name, Vier’lantí; the world’s sorrow.

The Black Ones Gift: The Lord of Whispers gave Aerywyn one final power, which displays his sardonic nature. It is a small locket around his neck, which contains a picture of a beautiful girl, impaled by a pike. By speaking his lords true name, Aerywyn summons the Black One directly into Aerywyn himself, leaving him awash in all his forsaken glory.


Imprisoned or preserved, Aerywyn cares little, but the cool steel of the long, majestic blade at his side contains the spirit and essence of a girl who he thinks is a woman he once loved. The simple name Vëannë means in the tongue of the Lalaith “Tear”. The sword was forged originally as an enchanted blade by the Lakaliath, but after the destruction of Althalas, the deep sorrow which filled Aerywyn and his longing for his love drew the girl’s spirit into his bloodied sword.

There is a flowing script all along the blade, almost invisible to the eye, and the steel which by it’s appearance would seem to be cold as ice is refreshingly cool to the touch. Silver inlay marks the hilt and crossbar, and a sapphire is in the pommel. Soothing whispers can sometimes be heard from the metal, words from the beauty lost within in her effort to comfort the broken soul who wields her. The unfortunate girl, a kind spirit now forever bound to be with this madman, has retained a remarkable sense of her personality despite everything she has seen.

History: The Mearc is a strip of land on the borders between the Kingdom of Altheas and the southern nations, stretching south of Aer Lake to the mountains of Veanne. Since the first stone foundations of Aergard keep were laid by mortal hands, the verdant forests of the Mearc have stood as a wall to the outside world. When it was clear that this was not enough to protect the fledgling people, the Lailaith, gods to the ancient Althalians, drew upon those of the first king’s warriors whom they saw best fit to their task. Thus was established the Aer’viel, who protect the Mearc with a forest of steel. There were thirteen in all, the last being the king’s own son.

Prince Aerywyn Haerthorne was the thirteenth generation to guard the Mearc

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