Nacatha Naswood

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Nacatha Naswood

Post by Ageofthewolf on Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:24 pm

Nacatha Naswood

Class: Runic Tattoo Mage

[This sadly doesn’t have the tattoos she bears in it but I’ll tell where they all in history]
Her palms are scarred and blackened somewhat from burns she has suffered while casting.

Personality: Nacatha is a timid creature that keeps to herself, when she is in company with others she is shy and speaks in a quiet voice. She also avoids looking at others when she talks opting to look at the ground or the surrounding in an attempt to avoid eye contact.

Equipment: Nacatha carries a satchel that hangs on her right side the strap attached to it goes up across her chest and around her neck in a diagonal to prevent it from being snatched by thieves easily. Inside she carries: 2 bolts of wool thread, 2 sewing needles, a rag, a diary, and writing utensils.

Abilities/Skills: Nacatha can either invoke one of her tattoos by itself or invoke more to combine the power of them.

The Fuoco [fire] Tattoo: Grants Nacatha the power to use the temperature in the surrounding area or nearby heat sources to throw fireballs/etc when mixed with the right tattoos. This tattoo and others mixed with this tattoo can cause Nacatha minor burning. High levels of pain, and third degree burns on her body.

The Acqua [water] Tattoo: Grants Nacatha the power to control the water in her surroundings area from causing waves on water sources to using water as a protective shield. Also allows Nacatha to walk on water. Causes minor pain when used offensively and defensively. Note: The water tattoo is used mainly to protect Nacatha from attacks but requires her to be close to water.

The Terra [Earth] Tattoo: Grants Nacatha the power to control rocks and the ground itself for a short period. Can allow her to throw boulders and rocks and also shake the earth in a small area for a short time. Causes Nacatha various levels of pain depending on what she is trying to control.

The Vento [wind] Tattoo: Grants Nacatha the power to control the wind and breezes around her. Allows her to speed the wind around her into powerful gales and can cause sandstorms when in presence of sand. Causes Nacatha low levels of pain. Note: Nacatha usually combines the Vento tattoo in junction with other tattoos.

The Sijeva [lightning] Tattoo: Grants Nacatha to control lightening when in presence of lightening storms. Causes EXTREME amounts of pain and burns to Nacatha. Note: Nacatha only uses this tattoo as a last resort and when it’s storming.

Aside from magic she also knows how to sew from her time as a servant to the order.
History: Nacatha's story begins at the age of 12 when she was inducted into an order of "magic inclined" people from her village. The members of this order had made a unique way of controlling the elements around them. For three years she served as a servant to the order but once she reached 15 she became old enough she was inducted into the Vento Ring of the order. The order members held a ritual and during the ritual they applied the Vento tattoo or the Wind Tattoo to her left forearm this was the lowest of the rings in the order. The day after the ritual she was instructed on how to use the Vento tattoo and would soon discover the price she was going to pay every time she used her tattoos. After several years of training and finally mastering the use of the Vento tattoo she was inducted into the Acqua ring and in a ritual again she was tattooed this time with the Acqua Tattoo or Water Tattoo at the age of 18. This gave the control of water and ice and was placed on her right forearm. After several more years of practice and training she found she could combine the two tattoos to use stronger spells.

At the age of 21 she was inducted into the Terra Ring of the order. She was once again ritually applied with the Terra Tattoo or the Earth tattoo. This gave control of rocks, boulders, and later she would find out she could cause a minor earthquake in a small area around her and was applied to her left palm. After practicing and training she was to be inducted into the Fuoco Ring but 2 days before the ritual her mentor died while showing her what she could expect to learn during her practice after it the tattoo was applied. She was still inducted and had the Fuoco Tattoo or the Fire Tattoo but despised it for being the reason her mentor died and progressed slower then she had been advancing. This tattoo was applied to her right palm and gave the control of Fire and the heat around her.

This took her 5 years before she mastered it and it came time to be inducted into the highest Ring and most powerful and dangerous of the Rings. She was ritually applied with the Sijeva Tattoo which was applied to her forehead. This gave the power to control lightening but only when it was storming. Once she was applied with the Sijeva Tattoo she was given no time to train or practice and for the final test she was told to use her tattoo to control a bolt of lightning as it streaked long during a storm. She succeeded in doing so but was burned and bedridden with pain for three long weeks but once she fully recovered she was given the title of master. She was the youngest member of the order to reach the rank of Master at the age of 26 when most times the inductee would either die during training or during the final test and then would become a Master at the age of 32. After she recovered from her wounds she leave down with nothing but the clothing on her back and a satchel without a word to anyone about where she was going or why. She has since been wandering for over a year.


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Re: Nacatha Naswood

Post by CromTheConqueror on Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:06 pm

I like. She seems very, very balanced. Definitely taking the whole "magic is fucking difficult and dangerous" thing seriously.

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