Reports on the Missing Master.

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Reports on the Missing Master.

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[I kinda rushed this so I’m sorry if it’s hard to read in some places or if it’s plain bad]

Recruit Log #53: Nacatha Naswood.
All matters of her recruitment, training, and induction are handled by Master Khimar Lanis the writer of this report.

Recruitment: The recruitment of little 12 year old Nacatha was simple, she is a descendent of late Elder Master Zizan Naswood when the Elders decided she was to be recruited for the Order for showing “Promise” to the rest of the villager but simply as always they believed she would be strong enough like her late Great Grandfather to survive the ordeals. I and Master Pica left the “Site” [As a side note we may wish to rename it so villagers can use the name easier and so that it hides in plain sight better when speaking to outsiders] and approached her home while her parents were gone to observe her ourselves for a time while we waited for her parents to return from work. While we were there she was very polite and shy and kept to herself in her room while we waited at the dining room table. Once her parents arrived we spoke to them about the Elder Masters desire to recruit their child. After a short talk we were allowed to take her for recruitment after they said their goodbyes we went back to the Site and assigned her the old room of Elder Master Naswood when he was a recruit and left her for the night.

I also put in the proper papers to have the Naswoods taken care of for the rest of their lives which is customary for the family of recruits. The next day I instructed trainee Lesand to instruct Nacatha on what she was to be doing, which I and Master Pica decided would be as a servant until she is deemed ready for testing.

Signed by

Master Khimar Lanis

Trainee log #53: Nacatha Naswood
Written by Master Khimar Lanis

Testing: Three years to the day of Nacatha’s recruitment she was moved to the trainee quarters and assigned to Master Pica who as stated in her recruitment report was involved in that process as well. He and I as well as Inscriber Lae were assigned to carry out her first “testing” with the Inscriber’s apprentice observing and helping the Inscriber when needed. Inside the Chamber the Inscriber had already prepared what was needed and required for her art which still confounds me to this day. Master Pica brought Nacatha into the chamber and instructed her to lay down on the stone table which she did immediately. She seemed nervous, unsure of what was about to happen Inscriber Lae had her drink the bowl of the foul liquid that spares us from pain while she works, however Nacatha’s body seemed to reject the viscous liquid causing her to throw up and cause her the inability to breath, it was touch and go but we managed to get her breathing again.

After a short discussion between me, Master Pica, and the Inscriber we decided to carry on. Nacatha was warned as to what she was going to feel and after the Inscriber placed a small block of wood wrapped in cloth in between her teeth so she didn’t bite her tongue off before proceeding. About halfway through the process Nacatha passed out which we agreed was a blessing for her. Two days after [We had let her rest and extra day because of the incident.] Master Pica and I went to start her training officially. When we entered her room we found her sitting on her bed with a diary floating in front of her as she wrote in it. We were shocked as we had never seen a trainee able to use the Vento on their own without instruction on how to do so. When asked on how she managed to teach herself on how to use it, she responded by saying while she was passed out she saw her Elder Master Zizan in a dream and he told her how to accomplish it. Master Pica and I looked at each other in confusion before we asked her how long she had been keeping the diary afloat in front of her, she replied that she had just started to write when we walked in and that she felt pain through her body but it was dull. We waited for her to finish writing before I instructed Master Pica to carry on with her training.
For the reports on her training please regard to the late Master Pica’s notes which are attached. There are no reports for the last years of her training since she was allowed to train herself and was observed by Master Boron.

Signed by

Master Khimar Lanis

Induction Report #54: Nacatha Naswood

Written by Master Khimar Lanis

Three weeks ago Nacatha Naswood finished all her training and tests that we can give her and has finally recovered. Today I and Master Boron as with the Elder Masters as you already know. Once the Elder Masters bestowed Master upon Nacatha which I am sure the late Master Pica is every proud of her for achieving at such a young age. After the ceremony and the new Master Naswood was done being congratulated and she was alone I talked to her giving her the address of her parents and directions to get there and also offered to help her move to her new room in the Master’s quarters, she politely declined still not having outgrown her shyness as she kept her eyes to the floor. She asked to be alone for awhile to visit late Master Pica and late Elder Master Zizan’s graves then she would move on her own. I agreed and left her be.

Later that night I was approached by one of the servants and told that Master Naswood had not arrived at her room and all her belongings were in her room expect for a few which are marked as missing on the inventory sheet of what was in her room before she left is attached to this report. I went to her old room to check if she was there and was not, then I went to the graveyard to see if she was still at the graves and she was not. I ordered a search of the grounds and of the neighboring buildings and area she did not turn up when we questioned her parents they had not seen her since we had recruited her.

Signed by

Master Khimar Lanis
The Elder council looked at each other their features old and wizened as they looked at each other they wore matching dark blue robes, each had a set of papers in front of them that were identical to each other. In front of the large wooden table a man was on his knees, stripped of all clothing and chained to the floor. The oldest of the Elder Masters glared at the man in front of him. “You have failed this Council Khimar you let a prodigy go missing and you are solely responsible for any harm that comes to her because of your lack of observation. We ordered you to watch her closely and you failed that simple task. You are to be stripped of your title and put to death.” The man that was chained to the floor was unchained and taken away by a green robed man. After they left the Eldest Master looked to his sides. “We must find her…if she dies we will have failed her kin and this order....we must not let her fall into anyone's hands but our own..”


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