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Post by CromTheConqueror on Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:55 pm

Just strength level explanations for NPC characters. The word "standard" is used to describe the relative power level of most characters. Each level consists of seven ranks before reaching the next level.

Level One:

A minor threat to most characters. Level One would only pose a credible threat in mass numbers and mostly just serve as cannon fodder. Generally their only practically use is to slow down or distract a character in order to service a higher level opponent. They also make nice pets.

Level Two:

A relatively minor threat to most characters. Standard characters would have little difficulty dispatching multiple Levels Twos though it might wear them down a bit to do so. They can do some damage if given the opening to do so and can be deadly in larger numbers.

Level Three

A potentially credible threat to most characters. Level Threes could be taken down in two's or three's by most standard characters but would require some effort to do so. Any more Level Threes past that number could pose a deadly threat. Level Threes can be used to stall or legitimately wear down most characters.

Level Four

A credible threat to most characters. Level Fours can prove taxing to most characters battling them one on one, and in any greater number, pose a deadly threat to standard characters. Level Fours can stall or seriously wear down character's to a considerable degree. They can also kill standard characters in a weakened state.

Level Five

A serious threat to most characters. Level Fives can kill most standard characters on their own but can be more easily handled in a group. Level Fives can stall or slow down a group of standard characters and can pose a credible threat to the lives of even the most accomplished characters.

Level Six

A deadly threat to all characters. Level Sixes can kill even the most accomplished character and can battle equally with a group of characters. Level Six characters can stall large groups or stall and wear down a party of characters.

Level Seven

Suicide for all characters. Level Sevens can kill groups of characters and slaughter even accomplished heroes. Level Sevens do not slow or wear down characters. They massacre them.

Please note that Level Seven is the cap for this tiered system. NPCs at Level Seven are not necessarily equivalent in power to each other. As such, some Level Sevens are far more powerful than other Level Sevens and are even more deadly. Therefore, Level Sevens should not be compared to one another based on this system. The same may be said for Level One, though for a minimum power cap instead of a maximum.

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