For The Khaos Gods!

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For The Khaos Gods!

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This has been placed here in case Doom wants to edit it and touch it up a bit. He may also want to take the WH40k intensity down a notch and perhaps just have the cultists call them the Daemon Lords instead of Khaos Gods. Or just the Daemon Gods, or something.



Kyeence - A Daemon of malign cunning. It is
considered the most malicious of the remaining Daemon Lords whose Orb
remains unshattered. Its intelligence is farseeing, and it has been
known to make plans that take millenia to come to fruition. Kyeence's
only true goal is to release himself from his slowly eroding Orb, so
that he may take his vengeance on the Gods of Life.

Iernan -
Daemon to whom all things seem to cause joy. It laughs at any
destruction, creation, or act in its name. Though not as powerful as
many of the unshattered Daemon Lords, Iernan knows things that many do
not, and knows things that many do not want to know. It is said to have
once spoken to Kar'Kaish, and the rumors say that that is why it laughs

Grushk - Once a Daemon of similar disposition to Kyeence,
Grushk has long since gone mad within its Orb. As his Orb slowly loses
its integrity, some of Grushk's blood-mad essence has slipped back into
the material realm, moreso than the others of the first Distillation.
It demands only that his followers destroy the creations of the
lifegods, as any other true goal can no longer penetrate the growing
void of its mind.

Karass - The only Daemon said to care for
physical appearance. Followers of this Daemon say that it looks
variably like an astonishingly beautiful female of the beholder's own
species, or a kaliedescope of which all things of great beauty can be
glimpsed for fleeting moments. Karass' true motives are unknown, for it
appears that this Daemon's Orb remains strangely well preserved, though
it erodes much as the others do. It's demands from its followers are
capricous and strange, and often seem to make little impact on anything.

Internal Organization

There is no Organized Khaos Religion, simply many cults or even individuals who worship one or all of the Khaos Gods. Many followers of Khaos will flock to 'Champions', those blessed by the Khaos Gods, as religious leaders.

Sacrifices Accepted

Most sacrifices to Khaos and its Gods are Symbolic, in that a Champion might be expected to sacrifice a thousand men, while a peasant would be honored for the sacrifice of his mother.

Wait... There was a line? Whoops... is that it, all the way back there...?

Holy Sites

Sites of Mass Khaos rituals or offerings often become tainted by the Daemon's power, and become Holy Sites for Khaos Cultists.


In some kingdoms, Nobles, or even Royal Blood is corrupted by Khaos, and occasionally these Kingdoms will be stripped down to reveal that much of the country is in fact controlled by a Khaos Cult.


Sacrifice to the Gods is greatly encouraged.


Many, many countries have Khaos Cults operating in their lands, but many also try to hunt down these cancerous cankers. Most Cults are very minor, with a very small membership.


The Financial abilities of a Cult are dependant upon the richness of its members.

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