Emilya Shirouko, Night of Fate (Day -1)

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Emilya Shirouko, Night of Fate (Day -1) Empty Emilya Shirouko, Night of Fate (Day -1)

Post by Tentacle Therapist on Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:36 pm

My name is Emiya Shirou, or it was up until a few months ago. I discovered a magical artifact, Kaleido Ruby, sitting in my back yard. When I picked it up... Let's just say I lost a very important part of myself, and the damned thing refuses to give it back.

When Kiritsugu found out... well, I don't want to talk about that. Regardless, a cover story was made, my name was changed on father's recommendation, and life returned to normal for the most part. Mother, that is to say, my adoptive mother, had been on a trip out of the country at the time, and when she found out, she refused to return until the problem was rectified. Probably for the best, to be honest, as I can't imagine how awkward suddenly having a daughter instead of a son would make the both of us feel.

Kiritsugu, that is to say, my adoptive father, does not approve of me following in his footstep as a Magi, which is why I was so nervous entering the shed where I could best concentrate on my practice. His disapproval wasn't very wholehearted, as it was my choice in the end, but the last two weeks he has been on my case about it for some reason.

I enter the cool junk-filled shed, and sit cross-legged in the center. I breathe out slowly, closing my eyes to calm myself in preparation for my daily routine, just before I begin, I notice thick red light starting to dance on my eyelids, nearly blinding me even with my eyes closed. A searing pain exerts itself on my left hand, and I let out a cry that embarrasses even myself. It reaches a fevered pitch, and then abruptly cuts off with an unsatisfying "thump".

I am blinded from the light, and lying on the floor. I lay there for a time, hoping for my eyes to adjust, but they refuse to. Standing unsteadily, I walk over to the door of the shed, pushing it open with the hand that does not ache. Light bathes the room, and I am suddenly acutely aware of me not being alone. On the far side, now illuminated in the cool haze of the moonlight, is a woman about as tall as I am now. She is wearing the armor of a samurai for some reason, and seems to have been patiently waiting for my attention with her long flowing hair.

She takes a step forward, and puts a hand out. "I ask of you... are you m-"


"Click?" I say, confused at the sound that seemed to be coming from outside the doorway just to my side.

"KEEP AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER" And the armored figure is suddenly obscured in a hail of semi-automatic fire. It continues for several seconds, kicking up dust and blinding me. When it stops, I hear another click, and then fully automatic fire. After that I hear a gasp and gritting teeth.

The smoke begins clearing, and I can see a massive hole in the far wall of the shed. So many rounds were put into it, that it could no longer stand under its own weight, and collapsed against the outer stone wall.

"What?! What is..." I yell confusedly, looking around. *CLANG* *CLINK* The sound of shattering, and a curse. It is coming from outside. There I see the armored girl attacking a man with an inordinate number of guns, my adoptive father Kiritsugu. She aims a sword at him, and destroys another of his guns, that he put in the way of the blow, it explodes into shards. "S-Stop! Don't attack my father!" I yell. And she immediately stops, giving me a puzzled look.

My father begins coughing painfully, his health isn't the best, and suddenly getting into a fight probably aggravated it. I run over and hold him up. "If you are going to listen to me like that, then help me carry him inside!" I'm almost hysterical, this is just... too much at once.

I get father's medicine, lay him down, and make him feel comfortable. The coughing subsides after a minute or so, be he seems noticeably drained from the ordeal. "Dad, just rest for now, I'm sorry..." He just pats my head.

"Sorry Shirouko, but we need to have a talk." His words are weak, but he is firm about it. "You need to know exactly what you've done, and what it means. Sit, we have much to discuss." He pushes lightly down on the top of my head, then turns to the silent figure watching us from the other side of the room. "You too, your help will be appreciated in explaining this, Saber."

She merely nods, walks over, and sits beside me in seiza.

Emilya Shirouko, Night of Fate (Day -1) Uesugikenshin
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