Neamhain - Oh god what have the spirits done

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Neamhain - Oh god what have the spirits done Empty Neamhain - Oh god what have the spirits done

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Name: Neamhain

Title: Turtle Knight(?) (She's not really sure if it's him or her or both)

Class: Wild Child

Song: Jump! Kick!

If Neamhain was older and male she would be considered barbarian semi-royalty from the savage west. As it is she's a young girl who thinks books are boring, and that while most boys may be dumb-dumbs at least most of them ain't sissies, like all the little girls who want to be princesses (princesses don't get to do anything fun, like fighting or hunting. She knows.).

Neamhain wants to be an Adventurer and go on awesome Adventures with Cool Companions. But she knows that all Adventurers need to have a Sword (and not just any sword either. It's got to be a Special Sword, made by like a wizard. In a cave. Yeah, a wizard. Not one of them snaffly mages that sometimes talked fancy like at her Daddy.) So she's looking for one. They also need an Animal Companion (or a Spirit Guide some people called 'em). She's already got one of those but it's boring turtle, named Ron Yue, and all it ever does is talk about boring things, and hardly ever tells her what needs smashin'. She's hoping she can maybe find a wolf to be her Spirit Guide later because that would be Awesome, but she doesn't want to say it in front Yue in case she hurts his feelings. She likes cute things, but hates the appearance of being thought a 'sissy' girl herself, so tends to deny this.


Hillsgirl's Training - No really. She'd be a barbarian. Daughter of a chief or no, she still knows how to set a snare, skin a rabbit, and find her way about trackless wilderness, and generally survive just fine completely in the absence of civilization. She thinks.

Gift Of The Spirits - She's been contracted by a spirit, a being beyond mortal kenning, with a goal in mind that she neither knows nor understands, herself only an entirely expendable conduit through which it works upon the world without revealing all of it's terrible glory a magical turtle, that lets her be really really strong and fast sometimes. She occasionally has to argue with it since it doesn't seem to 'get' human society and won't give her the powers when she really really wants to make something go smash.

The Stuffs - the contents of a gargantuan backpack, containing whatever knick knacks she's managed to pick up along the way, from shiny rocks to a cool green moss (it's gone brown now) to some pots that some city folk threw away to a broken knife.

The Stick - A gargantuan hardwood club which is sized and weighted for a strong man. It's not quite larger than her. She thinks it's just the right heft and weight, but it's large size makes it difficult to grip, and she has a bad tendency to overswing massively and leave herself wide open. A flaw that only her unusual circumstances have allowed her to survive.

Recent History:
First she was chieftans daughter, and not allowed to have awesome adventures.
Then one day:

Neamhain - Oh god what have the spirits done ADVENTURE

She did however trend south the the Aldish States and then east, because bogosh, if her father found her while she was Adventurin' he would ground her forever.

Name: Many. Most recently goes by Ron Yue

Title: Turtle Knight / Pet

Class: Spirit / Pet

Song: ????

Ron Yue is a spirit, a being who has stood apart while civilizations have risen and fallen, more used to thinking in terms of epochs and eons than in hours and days. He's pursuiing some hidden agenda which absolutely requires he not display himself as anything other than a turtle to the outside world, save his one chosen champion. He found himself unusued to interacting with humanity on such a small scale, and so chose such a champion. Knowing very little about humans on the small scale, he simply chose one that seemed to be of appropriate age (old enough to be independent, young enough to maximize it's useful lifespan), and delivered it a message that a spirit world had chosen her to save it from a great danger which he did not describe.

While he initially believed that this would be enough to ensure obedience, he's beginning to be troubled by the events surrounding her, which did not match up with his expectations of how worshipers would surround a prophet. He distantly suspects that perhaps the champion has an agenda of her own, but yet believes that a human could not possibly maintain such selfishness in the face of the need of the planet itself, and so trusts his chosen to interpret human action appropriately, as he has no concept of how individual humans act.

Infinite Resplendour - He's technically an extremely powerful being. However he believes all he's working towards will fall apart if he's recognized as such. He has so strictly restricted himself to his current form that releasing himself from it would be an effort of days. Barely a moment as far as he is concerned.


Recent History:
Approached a champion, is beginning to become worried/confused by how human society was not at all what he expected, but so far trusts the dynamic of the partnership. Let the spirit handle spiritual matters, and the human handly human matters.

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