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Vamen Telavos


Vamen is relatively thin man in comparison to most Impereich men, though he stands taller than most, at nearly six and half feet in height. He is quite fit, with well toned muscles, and a wiry strength that often belays his somewhat lanky appearance. His hands are rough from years of handling the bow, his skin tan and often seen sporting fresh cuts and bruises from his work as a ranger. Small injuries aside he is relatively unmarked, a testament to his skill, considering his long past of conflict. He does however bear a large half moon scar on his upper left arm.

His face could be described as handsome were it not so often covered in the mud and dirt of a forester’s life. His expression is generally grim though not especially mean or malicious. His eyes are the deep gray and blue of his people, though they are often considered of a darker set then normal. His dark brown hair is also of the typical short Impereich cut.

Vamen’s traditional attire is a suit of studded dark leather and a very light chain mail vest underneath. He also wears archer bracers that match the color of his armor along with a heavy green camouflage cloak that has consistently saved him from the heat of the sun, the chill of winter, and the vengeance of pursuing enemies.


Vames is a brusque man if nothing else and he rarely feels inclined to explain his motives or justify his actions. Independent by nature and upbringing, Vames is lone wolf in the most extreme of senses, and will outright refuse aid or help even when it would benefit him greatly. This allows him to pay personal penance for his failure without the ability to blame others, and rejoice in the exultation of all his victories to whom reward belongs solely to him. As a Wolfs Fang - the eyes and ears of the Impereich King- Vamen is used to doing things on his own. Just the way he likes it.

Outside of his job, his lone wolf attitude persists, and he spends most of his free time isolated in his lodge in the Black Mountains. To strangers he is a daunting if not downright terrifying figure, one to be ignored and passed over without making eye contact. To friends, or what few he still has, Vamen is more grumpy than mean and more amusing than scary.

Vamen himself views the world in relatively stark shades of black and white, good and evil. He is not above considering another's conflicting ideals. This is provided you can get him down at a table long enough to discuss it, a quest in of itself. As it stands Vamen has a general hatred for thieves, murderers, and brigands.


Oakwood Longbow

Vamen's longbow is his pride and joy and he cherishes it greatly. Capable of striking a man dead at over two hundred yards away, it's a beautiful weapon of war. It was given to him upon his full induction in the Impereich Fang's.

Rangers Cloak:

Vamen's cloak is arguably his most valuable possession even in comparison to his bow. The materials that were used make up the cloaks cloth is some of the rarest in the world and the technique to tie them all together in this unique fashion is known only to a few Imperator weavers. The cloak allows for effective camouflage in almost any environment, rendering the ranger virtually invisible in the right terrain, leading many to believe that the cloak is magical in origin. The cloak is incredibly light but can provide for unprecedented warmth in cold frigid weather.

Fighting Knives

Vamen has two large steel fighting knives that he wields with deadly proficiency. Though the blades are heavy enough to deflect a blow from a sword, they are generally only used to stave off heavily armed opponents not engage and win heavy hand to hand combat. In turn the knives are perfect for a stealthy kill when an arrow does not suffice and can be extremely viable in tight quarters.

Recent History

After final showdown with the murderer of his friend on the plains of Eadhaolin, amen slew the vile traitor. Unfortunately, the killer was also the beloved nephew of the cities elected land master and as such Vamen was decried a lawless murderer himself and a bounty placed on his head.

Pursued across the country, he eventually managed to escape by stowing away on a grain ship bound for Kirath. The warrant for his arrest outpaced his arrival and the local Visnia authorities arrested the ranger bringing his long flight to an end. Once imprisoned he was given an offer. The truth was that the Visnian authorities cared nothing for the Eadhalion warrant or whether it was justified.

They did see a chance to recruit a very powerful asset to their fledgling puppet government and as such offered him a deal. In return for his services in securing the city, Visnia would ensure him papers of pardon in Eadhalion, which would allow him the passage necessary to return to his native Impereich. Vamen accepted.

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