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Esatto Ilen

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Esatto Ilen


Curly golden locks of hair dominate Esatto's head, hanging down in elegant and well styled clumps, partially obscuring his clear and vibrantly blue eyes. His face is well-shaped to the point of being almost made of rock, so nearly perfect and timeless is his visage, and is completely devoid of facial hair or stubble.

His clothing is the pinnacle of gaudy velvet thoroughfare that dominates the wealthy nobility. A scarlet doublet quilted with silver thread lays beneath a pure white leather jerkin with golden trim and inlaid purple symbols plastered across it's shapely facade. Large velvet shoulderpads stand in stark contrast to his black and white breeches unfaded by time or wear, and all is ended at the foot with the finest and most well shines black leather shoes in the kingdom. At his side lays a strangely colored rapier in an elaborate black, red, and gold sheathe with filligree in the shape of his house's seal.


Rapier of the Goring Wound: Made from the filed down fang of a mythical creature, this weapon purportedly causes grievous wounds that refuse to close for twenty-four hours. (Ornamental rapier made of oxhorn.)

Jerkin of Impassable Barriers: Stitched together with the bleached hides of the strongest of animals, and engraved with protective runes infused with protective magics that stain the skins, this jerkin is rumored to be completely impenetrable by blade or spell. (Bleached cowhide jerkin, with engravings colored with violet dye.)

Doublet of Holy Staunching: Made with the velvet hairs of a red-headed angel, and held in place by a quilt of blessed silver thread, this garment supposedly turns away evil and prevents bleeding from wounds. (Velvet-coated canvas, with polished tin quilting.

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