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Post by Admin on Fri Jul 17, 2009 6:16 pm

Patraichus (The First)

Patraichus - The First Daemon. Created by the first convening of the Kaishae (All the Gods of both Life and Death), Patraichus was to be the progenitor of all the coming abominations. Having no true form, Patraichus was both whimsical and serious, malign and jolly, a being of paradox and swift change. From its essence were distilled 99 daemons, who from each were distilled 99 more, for 99 generations. Patraichus was the first Daemon captured by Kar'Kaish during the Great Banishing. It is said that its Orb is the only Orb that truly remains intact.

Notables of the First Distillation (The Pantheon)

Kyeence - A Daemon of malign cunning. It is considered the most malicious of the remaining Daemon Lords whose Orb remains unshattered. Its intelligence is farseeing, and it has been known to make plans that take millenia to come to fruition. Kyeence's only true goal is to release himself from his slowly eroding Orb, so that he may take his vengeance on the Gods of Life.

Iernan - A Daemon to whom all things seem to cause joy. It laughs at any destruction, creation, or act in its name. Though not as powerful as many of the unshattered Daemon Lords, Iernan knows things that many do not, and knows things that many do not want to know. It is said to have once spoken to Kar'Kaish, and the rumors say that that is why it laughs so.

Grushk - Once a Daemon of similar disposition to Kyeence, Grushk has long since gone mad within its Orb. As his Orb slowly loses its integrity, some of Grushk's blood-mad essence has slipped back into the material realm, more so than the others of the first Distillation. It demands only that his followers destroy the creations of the Life Gods, as any other true goal can no longer penetrate the growing void of its mind.

Karass - The only Daemon said to care for physical appearance. Followers of this Daemon say that it looks variably like an astonishingly beautiful female of the beholder's own species, or a kaleidoscope of which all things of great beauty can be glimpsed for fleeting moments. Karass' true motives are unknown, for it appears that this Daemon's Orb remains strangely well preserved, though it erodes much as the others do. It's demands from its followers are capricious and strange, and often seem to make little impact on anything.

Kuhl'ae - This is an enigmatic and little known Daemon Lord. It is said to be the first distillation of Patraichus. This Daemon has no known followers, and no known goals. Of the remaining Orbs, this Daemon's Orb is the most dilapidated. Kuhl'ae was known to be the strongest of the First Distillation, and during the Chaos War, was given the title Realmsbane.

Though there were other Daemons of the First Distillation, the Orbs have since broken and eroded, causing the Essences of these Daemons to be scattered throughout the Realms of Kar'Kaish in such quantities that the Daemon can neither reassemble itself, nor have any impact on the mortal, spiritual, or any other realm where beings, sentient or otherwise, abide.

Notables of the Second Distillation (The Lords)

Bael nam'Grushk - A distillation of Grushk. This Daemon was considered mad from its very creation, eager always to destroy. During the Chaos War, this Daemon was said to have acquitted itself well, and had earned the title Godslayer. The Gods of Death, after the War, attempted to fuse this Daemon's Orb into a weapon to be used against the Gods of Life. They would only realize how very grand their mistake was much later.

Tirudai nam'Kuhl - A distillation of Kuhl'ae, said to have somehow managed to seal part of itself outside of its Orb, in the material realm. It was said to have two distinct personalities, completely unaware of each other, and to have more personal influence on the material realm than almost all other Daemons, second only to Bael.

Yrait nam'Grushk - A distillation of Grushk, this Daemon was said to be the Armourer of the Host, that forged the dreaded weapons wielded by both the Pantheon and the Daemon Lords. These include:

Kratos - The Axe wielded by Grushk during the Chaos War, said to rend realms asunder wherever it swung.
Altait - A short blade wielded by Kyeence during the Chaos War, said to kill all it touched, no matter their power or ability.

Notables of the Third Distillation (The Hands)

Agrash nam'Grushk nem'Yrait - A distillation of Yrait, Agrash was a faithful servant during the Chaos War, but what makes this Daemon stand out is that it remained unsealed within an Orb at the end of the War. It drove itself into a suit of armor forged by Yrait, and thus escaped banishment.

Gorechild nam'Grushk nem'Yrait - Another distillation of Yrait, who was said to be the 'twin' of Agrash. It followed it's 'twin's' example, and drove itself into another piece forged by its progenitor. Gorechild however, has grown increasingly like it's exgenitor, bloodthirsty and distant.

Though there are trillions more Daemons, these are the Daemons that are either very notable, or very important to our current situation.

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Daemonic Hierarchy Empty Re: Daemonic Hierarchy

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The Daemons have no set material form, no actually species per se. Basically, each Daemon of the First distillation got a random 'element' of Patraichus, and so on and so forth.

The Classes, however, go as following:

The First

The Pantheon

The Lords

The Hands

The Fists

The Fiends

The Legionaries

-After this, the Daemon devolve farther and farther from strength, though the difference grows less between the powers of the next Distillation. Think of it as a curve where numbers are X and strength is Y.

Daemonic Hierarchy Hyperbola
This chart is a representation of individuals, not the strength of each rank.

The Strength of each distillation, as a whole is as strong in TOTAL as each other distillation.

Example: Each of the 99 Daemon Lords distilled from Grushk, if combined, are equal to Grushk in power. Each Daemon's Distillations are equal to the power of THAT daemon. So the Pantheon, the Lords, and so forth, if combined within their own class all add up to one Patraichus, the unit of Daemon power.

1P - Patraichus

1L - Daemon Lord

1H - Hand

1P = 99L

1L = 99H

99H = 1/99P

1H = 1/9801P

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