Attrittion and Movement

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Attrittion and Movement

Post by Admin on Wed May 05, 2010 3:20 pm

Credit: Bronkor/Aerywyn

I was thinking of something whilst working again on the map (it's coming along smoothly now boys), and I thought that for the game mechanics this is very relavent. The idea is heavily influenced by Europa Universalis and the way they do things.

Simple factors. These depend on what kind of army statistics we are using. If we are using some numerical statistics (i.e. 5000 heavy infantry, 2500 light infantry, 750 cavalry) then this works in quite well. Attrition only affects an army either moving through difficult conditions or in enemy territory. Every region has a number of units it can support using foraging and supply lines. If an army is isolated from a nearby friendly region or fortress then the supply lines are counted as being non-existant, and the army is forced to rely on foraging alone. In addition, morale would be lost due to attrition as well, so from Courageous down to Dutiful, or something like that.

Using numerical statistics, these kind of things could be calculated as having the following:
  • Number of troops a region can support. (Simple numbering e.g. 40 000 men). After each 1000 men over this, attrition would come into play at 1%:1000 men.
  • Maximum attrition rate that can be attained(e.g. 20% in a rich and temperate region, 90% in the frozen wastes)
  • Supply lines (these act as a detracting percentage against attrition, since the size of the supply train would vary depending on the army).
  • Movement losses (going across mountains or through deserts/tundra, or moving during winter or storms for boats). This would be calculated either by the GM or by simple percentages like other attrition.

Of course if this is managed without statistics, then it just means that we as GMs resolve all these aspects via common sense each turn. I would volunteer myself seeing as most of my expertise is in these areas.


This is more than just movement times. This affects what kind of regions we have (hills, open plains, farmlands, mountains, desert, floodplains, forests) as well as how they affect the armies moving across (rivers and mountains) or through them. However it seems logical that only desert, mountains, hills and forests would affect movement (even then I doubt we want to get that complicated if it fucks up with the time/turn system). Mostly it would be affecting battles.

Notes: This has been approved, but it's pretty old, so it can sit here for a bit while we figure out what to do with it for later.

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