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Conflict in the East Empty Conflict in the East

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The Kingdom of Sciras, the easternmost (known) country on the continent during the great war, lost, regained, and conquered a lot of land before finally having a major civil war. The largest civil faction managed to capture the city of Nasdem, a relatively small city guarding the valley that led to the east. They quickly expanded it to the east and began fortifying it. The kingdom's military was sent to recapture the city, but failed to do so, allowing more civil instability.
Shortly after, the king of Sciras was assassinated and the first born prince, Prince Eulthim ascended to the throne, dead-set on recapturing Nasdem. His twin brother, the second born Prince Visce (Viz-say), controlled the military forces. Eulthim ordered Visce to recapture Nasdem, which had become a large fortress once the civil militants captured the stone trade routes with a military that was weaker in every aspect than the one that had failed a year earlier. Visce called out his brother's blind ambition, to which the now-King Eulthim decided to remove Visce of command and carry out the attack himself. A furious Visce left towards the second capital while Eulthim attacked Nasdem. Being far less strategically and tactically able as his brother, most of the military forces under Eulthim were lost in death, surrender, or desertion.
Upon Eulthim's defeated return, he was notified of his brother's actions. Taking many of his loyal soldiers and the deserters from the failed attempt on Nasdem, as well as negotiating with Nasdem to release the prisoners to him, he declared secession from the Throne, creating the region of Visnia with him as the crowned leader. Under the code of laws of Sciras, if the throne was ever contested, regions referring to the leader's prominent names would be defined until the throne became uncontested. Visce had created a small alteration to that. In exchange for the prisoners and aid of Nasdem, he would grant them everything they wanted out of the civil war if he became the rightful King. Eulthim was facing much of his royal army and the will of the people, becoming greatly vexed.
A female consort of his and his late father's suggested, during a tryst of sorts, that his only chance for survival and the throne would be to grant independence to Visnia and Nasdem, declaring them seperate of the Kingdom. She combined her profession's prowess with her personal ambition to convince the young King to gather support and carry out the plan. As a result, there was never a power struggle for the throne.
Nasdem immediately accepted by popular support of the people, and many unhappy citizens from Visnia and Eulmarch (The region commanded by his majesty Eulthim) poured into the newly created city state. Losing popular support, Visce consulted with his only advisors, his generals, and concluded that this proposition should be accepted. Visce would become king and able to reform the country as he saw fit, while bolstering his forces and support. The Kingdom of Sciras became no more as Eulmarch, Visnia, and Nasdem split Sciras into three.

Eulmarch married the cunning, ambitious consort, who now rules as Queen Nafilia and carries more will of the people and political circles than the King. Nasdem became a large, seemingly impenetrable city state that expanded eastwards, allowing large groups of people to set up small camps and towns in the new frontier and ship goods to the capital for trade. Visnia had little economic strength, so to establish itself well enough, it traded with Nasdem to export the exotic goods out of the port of Kirath to the north. The city state of Kirath was the result of a political faction of another country gaining control of the entirety of the economic strength of that country and buying up or trading for land until they controlled the majority of the Scirasi River and several tributaries.
Kirath was a long time ally of Sciras, allowing the kingdom to ship goods out of its port in exchange for benefits on price, product, and protection. At first, they treated Visnia the same, but soon they “suggested” that their ships and caravans pay fees for their business, else their trade goods may not sell as well or efficiently. Kirath was confronted by an uneasy silence for several months afterward, before reports of a large Visnian force began conquering and occupying towns and ports on its way to Kirath. The trade nation was forced to realize that its main military force was actually that of the Sciras, which was for all intents and purposes marching on their homes as their heads spun around on their shoulders.
Within a couple months, all of Kirath was under occupation, and the council leaders that administrated the city state agreed to become a vassal and respond to the orders of Visce. Puppet government officials took seats of power within Kirath while the majority of the Visnian forces went back home. Seeking to further debilitate his brother, Visce ordered Kirath to impose tarrifs on Eulmarchian merchants. The King and Queen had to swallow this bitterly, finding their economy slowly being drained. It is now a matter of time before Visnia and Eulmarch are once again at war, despite the Great War having already ended nearly a century ago.

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