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Post by Tentacle Therapist on Sun May 23, 2010 3:15 am

(Suggestion recovered from ages ago, and I may or may not stand behind it, because I may or may not have read it in two years or so.)

Corporeal Plane: The plane where all living creatures dwell, save for gods and extraplanar creatures. The Corporeal Plane is one of two planes that make up mortal existence. (A creature from the Spectral Plane that makes its way to the Corporeal Plane through whatever means, is insubstantial (Can move through solid objects) and is more likely than not both invisible, and unable to act upon anything.)

Spectral Plane: The plane where spirits of deceased living creatures dwell, until they are affected by a god or powerful mortal. If a living creature were to travel to the Spectral Plane, they would find a land almost identical to the Corporeal Plane. The only major differences being: #1) Walked by the spirits of the deceased [Obviously] #2) Drained of all color #3) Distorted perspective (Corners become more pronounced, Pillars twist, warp, grow and shrink, distances seem longer or shorter to the eye, etc.) #4) The living creature becomes Insubstantial in the Spectral Plane [Unable to be seen heard or affected by Spectral Plane dwellers]. The Spectral Plane is the second plane that makes up mortal existence.

Astral Plane: The plane of connections, The Astral Plane connects all other planes. Travel between planes MUST pass through the Astral Plane at some point or another, Except for travel between elemental planes, and between the Corporeal and Spectral planes. The Astral Plane is also the location in which the majority of lesser gods stake their claim.

Elemental Planes: The Elemental Lords reside in the many different Elemental Planes, continually applying their elements to the world. Though not as strong as most created gods, Elemental Lords have planes devoted to them, due to the extreme purity of containing only ONE element.

The Expanse: The Expanse is an area of limitless dimensional space. Particularly powerful created gods have the power to “claim” an area of it, and receive omniscient and exclusive control of it, barring loss of power or a more powerful god. The amount of it a god can claim is directly proportional to the strength of said god.

Created Planes: The Created Gods that have ascended above the others, and have claimed an area of The Expanse, instead of residing within the Astral Plane. Have exclusive and all-powerful control within their Created Plane. ALL Created Planes are accessible from the Astral Plane, if one is brought there by the god, or has the power to force through the borders.

Planes of Life and Death: Home to the gods of Life and Death respectively, the Planes of Life and Death are SEPARATE from the Astral Plane, and only accessible to a creature with even more power than the gods of Life and Death themselves. The Planes of Life and Death lie within The Expanse.

The Void: Outside of even the limitless Expanse, is The Void. A place of pure nothing-ness that is unreachable by either man or god. Creatures of immense and nigh-unstoppable power reside there, unable to travel through The Expanse. As such we are protected from such creatures.
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Post by MidgetNinja on Tue Jun 01, 2010 2:10 am

You know I like certain ideas posed by this, but it also contradicts certain things in the lore.

For instance the necessity for elemental planes, when the spirits themselves are so obsessed with domination of the physical plane I can't fathom why the would want a plane to themselves.

The Created Gods and the Life/Death gods having their own planes is sort of a given, although I always pictured it as more ambiguous than how you portray it here. The life/death gods probably don't really require a plane of their own seeing as their being isn't corporal at any rate so they can exist without taking up any physical space, doing things our frail mortal minds can't possible comprehend, and the death gods are chained beneath the earth currently.

That being said, I really do like the idea of 'The Void' I was always a fan of Lovecraftian style gods and monsters and this seems like a great way to integrate that if nothing else.

I'll reserve final judgment until someone else comments, but until then my opinion is as stated above.


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Planes Suggestions Empty Re: Planes Suggestions

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 01, 2010 2:42 am

Tuv posted this at my discretion. I'm going to rewrite certain areas and post a more developed view, which will in turn affect how magic, especially elemental, is performed.

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Planes Suggestions Empty Re: Planes Suggestions

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