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Krishna Koria


Queen of the Kailzim


Half-Blood Kailzim

In his defiance of her commands, the man spat in her face. A look of pure hatred and murderous intent clouded her features, and with her mailed glove she wiped and deposited the slimy substance across the sandy ground. The human quickly realized his mistake, and began to run away to the best of his agility. Krishna tossed her black hair across her shoulder, allowing it to cascade down her back. With a sick, satisfying grin, she flicked her beautiful sword downward, causing a red, liquid whip to form and extend from the tip. With a step forward she slashed the sword before her, the whip flying out and wrapping about the man's neck a remarkable distance away. Taking another step forward, she forced the blood whip to turn the man's head towards her, his body following suit. She bared full her canine-only teeth in a wicked smile, and forced the whip to return him to her, dragging him across the ground as he wrapped his fingers around the blood whip, desperately trying to free himself in pitiful futility. When he was close enough that she could faintly see her own reflection in his fear-stricken eyes, she lunged forward, thrusting the sword at full force into his neck. The blade served to sever his spine, while the magic gust it produced served to find its own escape in the man's neck, bursting out at all angles, providing for instant decapitation. Krishna grabbed the man's tousled brown hair with her left, gauntlet-encased hand and thrust the sword into the man's mouth to hold it aloft above her with her right. Blood spilled from the wound down her sword, into her waiting mouth, and splashed across her pale face and armored breast. She plunged her gauntlet into the wounded body as the head slid down her sword, forcing her to hold it higher at an increasingly awkward angle. Deciding it was more trouble than it was worth, Krishna compulsively whipped her sword to the side, sending the fear-frozen head flying into the sand and rolling slowly away. She removed her gauntlet from the body and kicked it down, leaving the remains to her entourage of soldiers. She looked into the desert village from the outskirts with her eyes burning red like fire, seeing faces in the doorways and windows quickly duck behind walls. "Rebellious Kait'el... Witness my power, the power of the Kailzim," she spoke. "We seek not to destroy you, but I shall decree this once, for your and all your descendant's ears. I am Krishna, Queen of the Kailzim, and those who dare oppose me shall feel my burning vengeance in full.”

Fighting Style:

Krishna is a brutal, unforgiving fighter. She is provoked and angered easily, though it only serves to focus on her target or targets with more deadly precision. She wields Wraithbane skillfully, and uses her left Blood-Nails Gauntlet in conjunction as a small shield or as a follow-through to play of swordsmanship. She utilizes the wind enchantments of Wraithbane often, wearing down her opponents as she waits for an opportunity for a perfect kill. She is also quite flexible and strong, given her warrior heart and determination to be of use to the Kingdom when she was younger. Her youthful wishes could be said to have come true.


Blood Magic: As a Kailzim, Krishna practices magic that uses blood as a medium. The Ring of Annulment allows her to do so without fear of turning feral.

Hemomancy: The recently discovered art of hemomancy allows the user to manipulate and apply properties to blood through the use of magic. An example would be to form a whip using blood and give it the hardness of steel, forming a weapon.

Partial Feral Transformation: Krishna is able to use the Feral Pendant to lessen the effects of the Ring of Annulment, allowing herself to partially turn feral. Her strength and agility are nearly double, and she becomes much more vicious and bloodthirsty as a result.

Swordsmanship: Krishna has been practicing swordsmanship nearly all her life in secret. She has proven the worth of her skill on the battlefield, proving to be an even better fighter than Kaim.

General Weapons Proficiency: Krishna spent most of her time as a young adult in the back rooms of the royal armory, hidden away. There, she practiced with all varieties of weapons. Weapons that she did not practice with do not feel awfully foriegn in her hands, as she can understand the value and use of such tools readily, applying that knowledge with grace and skill.


Wraithbane: Wraithbane is a sword of masterwork smithing, made of alchemized obsidian-steel and purged of impurities with magic. It is heavily enchanted to ensure its indestructibility against opposing force, whether it be metal or spellcraft. The blade was also enchanted with the power of the wind, able to create a gust with a simple slash, or a small vacuum with a reverse thrust. Wraithbane has the form of a snakelike falcata though it is wielded and used as a sabre. The cutting edge looks smooth and flowing like a snake, while the opposite edge is more rectangular save for the dip in the middle. The body of the blade is inlaid on both sides with twisting sapphire and gold, fashioned with small grooves to capture blood that was spilled by the blade. The pommel is extended from the blade and enchanted to fit the hand that wields it and lessen the feel of the weight of the sword itself.
Wraithbane was crafted before the exodus that first spawned Kailzimoth by a guild of mages specializing in weaponmake. The guild offered the blade to Kail in return for protection and permission to follow him into emigration. Kail took it as an example of their great work, and gladly allowed them to accompany him and the others that would follow him out to sea. Having little use of it, Kail stored it away, but always kept sure to keep it safe. Wraithbane was later locked away in the royal armory in Koris and forgotten. After the curse wrought its horrible effects and created the feral Kailzim, Kaim and his soldiers quickly scoured the armory for weapons and armor. Kaim broke open the chest, and paused even in the chaos consuming the capital to marvel at it. The blade fit perfectly in his hand, and he could sense the enchantments that were wound into its being. It was with the Wraithbane that he drove back the feral populace and the coup, a pitch-black blade that rendered fierce winds in the face of opposition. Wraithbane earned its namesake when used against the feral Kailzim, a soldier remarking that it "slays these wraiths that bear the haunting visage of once loved ones." After months had passed since imminent danger, Kaim had Wraithbane inlaid with the specially crafted jewels, declaring that there would be no crown to the throne, but that Wraithbane would be the symbol of Kailzimoth leadership. Krishna inherited the Wraithbane when her father, Kaim, was murdered, and ascended the throne with much surprise and shock from the other Kailzim, who believed her to be dead. Wielding the Wraithbane in her right hand, she led small groups of soldiers to eradicate human resistance and ferals, recovering several towns that had been lost.

Blood-Nail Gauntlets: Gauntlets made of the same material as Wraithbane, silver swirls of enchantment rune the thick, curved wrist-bracer and the segmented scale plating of the fingers. The segments of the scale mail cover each finger, with the last scale beginning at the end of the fingers and ending an inch and a half outwards in the form of a tipped fingernail. The underside curves downward, forming a cone shape, with the end of the finger at the base. The hands are protected by gloves of chain mail that are woven into the hardened bracers and scale mail. The ends of the nails are connected to reservoirs held in leather sacs above the wrist and protected by the bracer. The gauntlets are enchanted to create a vacuum and suck in fluid. When combined with hemomancy, the gauntlets are able to quickly drain a body of its blood until the reservoirs are full, which is hardly ever lethal. The gauntlets are also enchanted to be incredibly durable and flexible to the wearer.
Krishna had the gauntlets made once she ascended the throne and tracked down the remaining human mages whose grandfathers and grandmothers had forged Wraithbane. She hardly ever wears the right gauntlet, though, as it would get in the way of using Wraithbane.

Ring of Annulment: Krishna wears what appears to be a plain gold ring banded with sapphire on her left hand, middle finger. The ring alone is rather plain, quickly forged as a simple means for something greater to be applied to it.
Voldum, after returning to Kailzimoth with his discoveries, devised a way using an enchantment to suppress the feral transformation of half-bloods. He laid the sapphire band to the ring and offered it to Krishna under Kaim's watch. In this way, Krishna was able to first practice blood magic without turning feral, much to her father's and Voldum's relief. The Ring of Annulment also allows her to drink feral Kailzim blood, whether it be half-blood or further diluted, without fear of death or turning feral herself, something full-bloods are unable to do.

Krishna's Feral Pendant: Another of Voldum's inventions, the Feral Pendant is a piece of gold jewelry shaped like an arrowhead with a single, large blood diamond in the center with a decorative wreath of gold around it. The Feral Pendant lessens the effects of the Ring of Annulment, allowing a partial feral transformation when Krishna wills it. The Feral Pendant only reacts to Krishna, as it was made specifically for her using her blood.

Kailzimoth Royal Armor: A suit of armor that was quickly commissioned by Kaim following the Fall, and improved over the years, the Kailzimoth Royal Armor is designed to allow maximum performance of a soldier or mage. The Royal Armor is nearly identical to the more standard suits for foot soldiers save for the decorations, enchantments, and extra care in its make. The suit consists of a black leather brigandine studded with dark steel rivets, two rows parallel from shoulder to waist and two rows forming a v from shoulder to groin. A studded leather skirt is worn on the waist, while riveted steel greaves protect the full legs. Each rivet/stud has a soft, yielding center which blood can be stored inside in small quantities via injection of some sort, to be used as food, for blood magic, or as a medium for the recently discovered hemomancy. Full body black cloth covers the body underneath the armor. Steel plate mail and scale mail versions of the armor exist, though leather allows for the most mobility when fighting.
When not wearing her armor, Krishna wears the black clothing worn underneath with some sort of dark or silver gown or dress over it. As such, she is able to prepare for battle at a moment's notice.


Note: This is a what-if scenario, if Kaim hadn't killed his daughter. Which maybe he didn't, and just said he did. Or maybe I just put that he did, but he really didn't. *shrug*

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