Undeath and Unlife

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Undeath and Unlife

Post by Tentacle Therapist on Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:35 am

Attributed to Chaoswizkid:

Undeath and unlife are both states in which a being has passed between life and death twice, with the second time being incomplete.

Something is undead if it was once alive and then died. Afterwards, it was revived incompletely. It has qualities of both life and death. The being will have almost if not all the qualities of death, with only several mockeries of life.

An example of which would be a corpse that retained a beating heart, a somewhat functional brain, working lungs, or some sort of growth.

Something is unliving if it was once dead and then livened. It was then forced back into a state of death. Like a being of undeath, a being of unlife has properties of both life and death.

Because beings of death can only exist through the intervention of the Death Gods, they currently do not exist, though Daemons can be considered to be some sort of far-off, twisted form of both unlife and of undeath.
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