Imilis-Ceruth and Imceruthil

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Imilis-Ceruth and Imceruthil

Post by Tentacle Therapist on Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:37 am

Attributed to Chaoswizkid:

Imceruthil is a small city state that focuses on military operations. It is often considered a mercenary city state, but only so in that the entire city state must be hired, instead of smaller groups. Both men and women are included in their main force, the Legion of Imceruthil, which is often referred to as The Ceruthim by the elders. The Legion of Imceruthil is stationed at the capitol, Imilis-Ceruth, a large fortress commanded by the Knights of Ceruthil. Those that are found to be magically inclined are entered into the Ceruthil Acadis, an academy to train those inclined to join the Knights of Ceruthil. Those who are not are still sent into harsh training to be entered into the Legion. The City State itself is rather small, consisting of only 5 cities other than Imilis-Ceruth, that pledged their loyalty to the Knights of Ceruthil when they founded the fortress. The cities support Imceruthil with any resource possible: Food, water, commodities, furniture, building matterials, and even a few mages. The mages form the Guild of Ceruthil, an extremely small guild, that services the city state's magical needs. The Guild usually does not follow the Legion or the Knights into battle, but instead continue to service the city state and provide a defense should they be attacked.

The forces of Imceruthil are considered Elite by any reference, due to the fact that even those who do not enter military service are still trained for it. In this way, Imceruthil is likely to survive, and even expand.
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