Guild of the Wreathed Cross

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Guild of the Wreathed Cross

Post by Tentacle Therapist on Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:38 am

Attributed to Chaoswizkid:

The Guild of the Wreathed Cross is somewhat well known, but mostly shrouded in secrecy. From time to time members will be seen across many kingdoms, just coming and going, paying little heed to anyone but themselves. There are a few first hand accounts, however, of warriors and peasents who were greviously injured, and then restored anew by a cloaked figure bearing a white cross with a wreath of wildflowers around it. The accounts are varied in how that symbol is displayed. Several claim that the wreath was a full circle around the cross, and others claim that it went unclosed on the left side, seeming more to resemble a crescent moon or one of it's phases. Those who encounter a member of the Wreathed Cross ask few questions, for it is also heard they will neither answer the questions nor aid those who ask. It seems all these members ask is to be left alone, and let them come to you.

Known member sightings:

Woman in a dark green cloak, in addition to the wreath and cross, a tree was eteched in the background of both. Sighted twice long ago, not seen sence. Supposedly dead.

Man in a white cloak, the wreath forming a crescent moon. His brown scruffy face is all that could be seen for his hood is drawn down nearly under his nose. He is seen most often, sometimes being sighted with a walking staff that has a curved blade on one side near it's top, looking like a deformed ax. Sighted occasionally, usually at taverns drinking for a few minutes, and then going out on the road once more.

Young woman with long black hair spilling out near the collar of a cream-white cloak. The wreath features mostly blue flowers, and is seen to frequent areas with rushing water. Sighted rarely.

All other sightings were too vague to be posted here. Evidence pointing towards them belonging to a guild or a cult is unknown, and they could be simply a division of the Magickal Kingdom, who will not comment on the subject. It is assumed they are a Guild, as they are never sighted around any escort.
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