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Proposed Systems

Post by Tentacle Therapist on Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:40 am

Collected by Chaoswizkid:


Sigils are inscriptions, similar to runes and glyphs. Sigils operate much differently than either of those, though. Mana is stored in a rune and then released as a spell. Sigils are more fluid, and more permanent. A spell is cast THROUGH a sigil, and the sigil amplifies or changes it's power. If an element is included with the spell, the sigil must be aligned to that element, else the spell itself will destroy the sigil and the spell itself will cause collateral damage to the caster. If the spell and sigil are aligned, then the spell will flow into the sigil, become amplified, and then be cast. If a sigil is aligned to an element but a spell is not, then the spell will take on properties of the element the sigil is aligned to.

A sigil can be aligned by constant exposure to an element, or created in/of an element. Sigils often only take aspects of the element they are exposed to, and not the entire element themselves (Such as the Aspects of the Elemental Lords).

Sigils can be modified as to how much power can flow through it until it releases the spell.


Glyphs are runes that are inscribed with commands for the stored mana, allowing much greater flexibility than runes.

(This concept is not finished, but was made in an attempt to classify Xael's character's runes)


Chemistry is the combination of substances to form an entirely different substance (In the broadest sense of terms). It only deals with chemicals, however.

Alechmy falls under two categories, both of them extensions of chemistry. The first is infusing the resources, process, or end product of chemistry with mana as to form a substance with magical properties, or properties they would not have otherwise. The second is removing the restriction of chemistry, as in dealing with more than just chemicals. This uses mana, and forms an end product from a combination of substances, which is chemistry's basic function. This could include combining multiple metals, multiple cloths, etc. In dealing with metals, it is often confused as metallurgy to those who do not know mana is incorperated into it. Alchemists dealing with the second type of alchemy are usually faithful to whatever element they work with most.


An array is a combination of a sigil and a rune. It is an inscription built not to store mana, but to channel mana into and produce an end result in accordance to the will of the one controlling the array. This is most commonly used in groups that wish to cast larger spells, or to produce great effects at certain points.

Talisman Battery

A talisman battery is simply an object that can be charged with mana. Mana can then be drawn from the talisman at a later time, or given certain properties if aligned to an element (similar to aligning a sigil to an element). A talisman battery that is aligned to the false element of life could help heal afflicted areas it is held on, or, if it is aligned to fire, it could boil a pot of water. This will, however, drain the talisman, and can only be charged over a long period of time while being held close to the charger's body.

Extended Belief System

Note: This only applies to Created Gods.

Created gods only function with belief. These gods may have statues or buildings erected in their favor, or symbols dedicated to them. If the Created God who they intend to appease accepts these, people's belief in that god will also funnel, although much slower, into those statues, buildings, or symbols. The Created God can then draw upon those structures directly, gaining the stored power from those objects. However, the Created God can also will those structures to have effects, such as those who touch their statue will be cured of sickness. This will consume the stored belief power in those objects, but it is beneficial in that it fuels further belief of the Created God. Created Gods could potentially come and affect people directly, at the expense of a lot of power. Therefore, it is easier to affect people via the statues, buildings, or symbols.

All of these systems are EXTREMELY sketchy, but they are all works in progress. I just wanted to get the initial ideas down while I had the initiative.

EDIT: Changed Array's definition to better suit it's purpose. The Extended Created Gods belief system also has two added sentences at the end.
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