The Dangers of Magic

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The Dangers of Magic

Post by Tentacle Therapist on Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:46 am

Proposed by Bronkor, Voiced by Chaoswizkid:

It was stated a long time ago (In a galaxy far, far away) by one named Bronkor/Arywyn that magic seemed far too accessible. Why ever pick up a sword when you can hurl earth, lightning, and fire? Why not just do both? We then came up with some illogical rule that someone just couldn't. You can't be both a swordsman and a mage. Why not? I remember it had something to do with devotion and training, but really, you can train swordsmanship alongside magic, I'm sure. At least that's more logical than you not being able to. However, I've come up with a reason to deter people from magic-handling, though I'm wary of the execution. This may drastically cut down on the number of mages, and therefore population of both Guilds and the MK.

Mana is a form of energy that is extremely powerful, and embodies both the aspect of order and entropy, shifting from either aspect constantly. Sentient beings, such as humans, may possess the skill required to handle mana, and therefore use it in various forms of magic, but such skill is hard-earned. Even then, when you have learned to handle the raw power, it is still very dangerous. Any user of magic must check constantly what phase the mana is in, surmise the dangers of using its phase with an associated use of it to manipulate the world around them, and then handling the mana to carry out a spell of any sort.

What I propose is an ever-present danger for mana to go "NOU" and mass-feedback anyone who screws up, making magic not only hard to learn but incredibly dangerous. The reason behind this is because not only do you need the resources and whatnot to be able to "see" or at least "read" the condition of local mana, you need to constantly take it into effect while casting the spell. Then you need to be able to handle it, which requires much training to do so. The more powerful the spell, the more chance there is something will go wrong, and when it does, it can be deadly. However, the benefits can outweigh the risks.

A good example of a similar system that comes to mind is sorcery in "Strait Jacket" where overuse of magic turns you into a hideous mutated blob of flesh that only wants to kill called a demon. However, people still use sorcery there.

The floor is open to suggestions for how to implement this.
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