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Post by Tentacle Therapist on Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:10 am

Suggested by Chaoswizkid:


Dealt with as "Religious Magic", Invocation is one of the following acts:

Praying to a god or goddess.
Asking for something from a god or goddess.
A Ritual in which a quality is granted to the one using Invocation by a god or goddess.
Allowing a God or Goddess to possess them.
Holding a spirit to a bond, or threaten it with divine power.


Dealt with as "Summoning", Evocation is one of the following acts:

Calling forth a spirit.
Calling forth a being.
Materializing a being.
Materializing a spirit.


Incantation is a form of sub-supplementary magic, because it is used to amplify
not only elemental magic, but all forms of magic where it can be used. It adds a
phrase, charged with power due to belief, which can amplify a spell. How much it
amplifies will be subject to the personal belief of the one incanting.


A spell that binds itself to an object or person. The inherent mana or life force of
the target must be overcome by the power of the enchantment to form a binding
spell. Once bound, then another spell must have greater power than the binding spell
and the mana/life force of the target for the binding spell to bind the spell into an
'Enchantment'. If it is casted upon a person, it is often called a 'Curse'.


A banishing spell can only be used against a target that has absolutely no life force,
but is currently bound to reality. The spell must also surpass the power of the target.
Once done, the target, if a spirit, will go back to it's domain. If it is an object, it will
be sealed away in a pocket dimension. Evocation, can, however, bring both instances
back, given that they have enough knowledge of the spirit or object.

NOTE: The Enchantment cannot be used for mind control.
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