Rings, and the magic choice.

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Rings, and the magic choice. Empty Rings, and the magic choice.

Post by SoTa_PoP on Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:15 am

Rings. RINGS OF POWER. one ring to control them all. One ring to bind them all and bring them into darkness. Well, fuck that Wink.

Rings, or perhaps something else someone deems more suitable, can be used to not only show magus status, but also the potential of that mage and capabilities. I'm getting a head of myself, let me take a step back.

A school can be set up to regulate magic. And by regulate I mean keep an eye on. And by keep an eye on, I mean control by teaching. What crazy do I speak of? Players would send their characters to this 'school of magic' to learn the arts of magics on many many different levels. As they achieve success in class and teachings they earn 'Rings'. Rings come in many different design depending on class and what it represents. A black ring would mean that mage has taken steps to learn the dark arts of necromancy. A red ring would show a fire mage. Yellow- healing, blue- ice/water ect ect. There would be as many different rings as their are elementals or types of magic to play with. So long as their is a teacher and is approved by the school. (Color of the ring is only one way to identify the differences. you could do this in many more ways.)

As a player continues to push progression of magic in certain fields they earn more rings of the same design. Each ring they earn symbolizes rank. A mage could have 10 rings, all of different colors, and would still be considered a novice in comparison to a mage who has earned 3 rings of one color. The reason behind this is that the mage with 3 rings would have a much stronger grasp of that element, leading to better spells. You could argue the mage with 10 rings all different colors would be the better mage, but if all he can do is the most basic of spells because he spread his knowledge so vastly then his knowledge of magic is in actuallity very low.

This is all easily adapted and changed. Such as elemental teachings. You could change it to teaching specific forms of magic, like healing, devesation, ect ect. But the simple idea is that you have to go to a school of magic to learn. Where you would earn symbols that would act as symbol of the knowledge your mage has achieved.


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Rings, and the magic choice. Empty Re: Rings, and the magic choice.

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:41 am

My ideas of rings would be limited solely to the Conclave and to Guilds that decide to use them or derivatives of the concept.

Rings would serve as a stopper, forming a plateau of magical development for mages within the Conclave, and also represent what plateau the mage was at. If a ring could not or would not be worn, another item would be supplied that managed to accomplish the same thing.

Rings would be colored, decorated, etc. to show where the mage was at in training, whether they were initiate, novice, intermediate, etc., and in what school or element of magic.

Once the plateau is reached, the mage would go under formal trial to show that such plateau was reached, and would either be accepted or declined for another ring that heightened the plateau and represented higher rank.

Now, the plateau can be gotten rid of, and the rings can be merely for display, wearing about certification that you are practiced. As such, other mages would clearly recognize seniority and respond accordingly.

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Rings, and the magic choice. Empty Re: Rings, and the magic choice.

Post by MidgetNinja on Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:59 pm

Personally I like Chaos' idea better, it fits better I think, but I have a reservation, in that I don't want the omni powerful mages walking around with 10 some odd rings on their fingers.

Mayhaps we should reverse is to where the less rings you wear the more powerful you are...just to reduce the finger clutter a little.


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Rings, and the magic choice. Empty Re: Rings, and the magic choice.

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