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Gods of Ara'niel Empty Gods of Ara'niel

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These are the currently posted Gods of Ara'niel. This thread is able to be edited at any time to update the list.

Life God:
Abringnon(A-Brig-none)-Abringnon is the Warrior of the Life Gods. During the Demon Wars, he was known as Reshk'it Ur or translated from the Demon Tongue: The Shining Bastion(so called for his armor, both large and shining brilliantly). Abringnon values courage but despises the weak, to this end he was one of the Life Gods who did not wish to ally the Death Gods during the Demon Wars. Afterward, he was also a main proponent of the Celestial War, better known as the war in which the Death Gods were eventually deafeated and imprisoned. Though he is a Life God, Abringnon delights in battle and believes only the strong should survive. To this end on the rare occasions he descends to earth he will seek out powerful warriors and duel them. Sparing them only if they challenge his mortal, but divinely enhanced, body enough to challenge him. Abringnon is unique among the Life Gods in that he forged his own divine weapon to challenge the Scythes of the Death Gods. Forged from his own body, he wields the spear Longriril.In the end the spear was unable to match the Death Scythes, but it was still a terrible weapon. Of all the Life gods Abringnon is the most reckless, and violent and short-tempered, he is also the one who most regrets the sealing of the Death Gods and the defeat of the demons as it means he is without any truly worth foes. He has been morose and frankly, bored, since the defeat of the Death Gods. Hence his frequent(to his perspective,rare to ours)trips to earth, to seek out opponents, though even this is unsatisfying since he must bind himself so much as to drain all the joy of it. He yearns to find an opponent he can truly let loose upon, and be challenged in return.

Elemental Lord
Baraval(Bar-ah-vol)-Baraval is the Elemental Lord of Storms. Baraval is slow to action, he is grumpy and acts irritable (though it is in fact hard to push him to true anger), but respects anyone who stands up to him, particularly if someone weaker than him (read spirit, or mortal) does so. That said he will not tolerate disrespect. Though he is slow to true anger, when that anger comes it is fierce and uncontrollable, sending him into a rage where he may very well destroy not only the target of his wrath but much around it as well. He seeks to expand his dominance over the mortal realm by inciting Chaos (by which I mean disorder, be it rapid change as companies struggle to keep up with rapid change in technology or weather destroying trade routes. He tends to appear as an oldman made of swiftly swirling smog and clouds, with sparks of light illuminating his eyes. As the Lord of Storms he rules over the Storm elementals (who are the most social of all elementals, they gather in large numbers in storms, sometimes even inviting lightning elementals to dance with them among the clouds). As such Baraval is most often found in the warmest regions of the world, in the most powerful storms, known as typhoons, or in other places Hurricanes. Like all Elemental Lords Baraval is the aggregate mind/intelligence of all spirits of his element, resting within the body of the strongest spirit of said elements. He can at will recall all other spirits of storms to him to increase his power many fold.

Created God
The Eight and the One
This set of gods (or possibly it's all one god, their priesthood seem to say it is both) consist of Thargram the Guardian, Milran the Assassin, Io the Scholar, Denigram the Deceiver, Vultan the Maker, Turgraz the Destroyer, Barcan the Lord, Rilfen the Peasant and finally the enigmatic god known as Stranger.
Each god has his opposite, with whom they are very close, all save Stranger, whom is the most powerful of them. Stranger is also known as the Traveler, and is their Death god. To die, is to join the Travelers journey. It should be noted that Stranger is not regarded as evil or bad, just strange, so alien that he is completely beyond comprehension, so powerful that all the other gods together could not stop him if they tried, he is not to be understood, only accepted.
This god, or group of gods is each closest to the one who undoes his own work or foils his own plans, but surprisingly they are very popular, especially amongst the peasantry and lesser nobles, since each god represents a facet of that can be prayed to in almost any situation, the guardian for protection, the assassin to bring your enemies low, the maker for wealth or prosperity, the destroyer for woe some things to leave, the scholar for illumination, the deceiver for the lies that let us bear life, the lord for nobility, the peasant for practicality.

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