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Post by CromTheConqueror on Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:48 pm

Elemental magics in the Realm of Kar'Kaish are a very tempermental thing that requires sacrifice, a sacrifice that without the right equipment will result in ones limbs and even ones life. Their are four basic elements:





Then their are four advanced elements.

Lightning (Fire)

Ice (Water)

Metal (Earth)

Storm (Air)

The elements of the world are best and most safely channeled through reagents with a special affinity toward their specific element. Gifted in possession of these reagents may use their Gift to channel the elements through their chosen reagent. As the elemental magic is channeled through the reagent, it will consume the reagents energy, eating away at the very fabric of the objects being, eventually devouring it completely. At this point a skilled Gifted can harness this energy and implement it in a form of his choosing. This implementation could take the form of a fireball, should he have used an object of the fire persuasion, or a gentle gust of wind, should the material have been of the Air affinity.

Though the use of a reagent is a considerable chore in of itself, using the elemental energy is the most dangerous part of the entire process. Should one of the Gifted make but a single mistake in using the temporal energies under his command, the magic can backfire, lashing back at its supposed controller. What's more, should the caster attempt any such magics without the regeant in hand, he will always recieve the full benefit of the magical backlash. The damage of the backlash is based on the amount of energy used. A mistake with a small amount of energy could result merely in a sting or a bruise. Stronger magic could result in everything from maiming, to paralysis, to death itself. To put it simply, without regeants, all signifigant manipulations of the elements would result in the brutal termination of the Gifted.

Finding reagents can be a difficult process. While the basest form of an element can always be used –such as water from a river, dirt from the earth, or the wind from the air around oneself- these base forms do not channel the inner powers of a Gifted with much ease. This means that one will almost certainly waste bountiful amounts of energy when one is harnessing the energy, draining yourself, while gaining little benefit.

As such many Gifted search high and low across Ara’niel for reagents that channel their power more easily, or even better, contain a bit of their own power in the objects themselves.

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