Multiple Characters, Character Death and Character Development

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Multiple Characters, Character Death and Character Development Empty Multiple Characters, Character Death and Character Development

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:57 pm

Character death and permanent character death are going to be implemented in future versions of RoKK. Therefore, I believe that roleplayers should have multiple characters in case character death occurs. For this reason, it would be recommended that beginning characters have little to no major background, as new characters would probably be the most likely to die, and it would save roleplayers from getting completely drained of creativity. This also more novice roleplayers to feel at ease: they don't have to put major development into characters to get them accepted.

However, the major goal of roleplaying itself is to tell a story, and if characters don't have background, then it seems like one is only telling a subpar story. To remedy this, I propose that character development occur in both directions in the timeline: the character develops their story as they progress through the world, but they also expand on their backstory. As characters become more experienced (no, I'm not talking about exp. points), they will likely become harder to kill, which would warrant such creative investment.

Roleplayers that have had several successful characters to begin with will be allowed to create new characters that are initially already hard to kill, rewarding them for activity and skill, and allowing them to implement any truly creative ideas for a character they have that is necessary to begin from scratch.

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