Kingdom of Atimar

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Kingdom of Atimar

Post by CromTheConqueror on Sat Jul 18, 2009 11:16 am

Government Type:

Imperialistic Feudal Monarchy


Atimar is an island nation, one of the remnants from when Tilbury fell beneath the waves. Its home island is relatively small, but given its imperial dogma it has also established several colonies on surrounding islands, and on the mainland. The main island itself has a single mountainous area near the center of the island, with forest lands composing most of the surrounding land. This distinction between high land and low lands has resulted in a sort of deferential between those who live on the more flat “low lands” and those who dwell on the step city’s of the “highlands.”


Temperate for the most part, although things tend to get fairly dry on the eastern side of the mountain range.


Atimar relies heavily on trade for its survival, both internal and external, as the relatively tiny main island lacks the resources to fully sustain its population. To that end they have invested a massive amount of gold into building up one of the largest and most organized trading fleets in the world. That being said, Atimar’s trading power has been crippled thanks to post war treaties that have strictly regulate Atimar’s trade with outside sources resulting in an economic recession of sorts.

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Significant Cities:
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