The dawning of Theos

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The dawning of Theos

Post by Tentacle Therapist on Sun Aug 11, 2013 3:18 am

You've been separated from your brother, or what is left of him. It wasn't entirely unexpected once you saw the masses of people milling about, but you thought ahead and arranged a place to meet back up should this happen.

The number of people is absolutely staggering, the tales of Gem never did it justice. This supposedly isn't even the busiest of the districts, and the sheer difficulty of keeping all these people fed and clean boggles the mind. Yet here they are, clean, clothed, well fed (some perhaps too well fed), and prosperous. Though you are sure that these people must be middle-class or lower, you can still see shops for pretty much anything you could dream of and more. Some have signs out front with various stylized depictions of owls, while others seem much more exotic.
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Re: The dawning of Theos

Post by PlatGreenThunda on Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:33 pm

I'm gonna use the following if it's ok:
Red = OOC
Blue = Theos talking

Theos, naturally is a bit taken aback by the multitude of people.

This is... not quite what I expected... he murmurs to himself.

He takes a moment to look around for individuals that are not mobile/busy looking.

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