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Post by Admin on Tue May 10, 2011 9:55 pm

Due to how RoKK is going to work in the future, there will likely be a great many people posting in the same thread that may or may not actually be interacting with one another, such as in a tavern or marketplace.

This thought struck me as a possible necessity in the form of a scenario: Someone enters into the thread, trying to sneak away from something they did. Obviously, once they enter into the thread, other people can interact with them. So instead of typing out a long OOC paragraph explaining that it'd be unlikely anyone would take notice and not to bother them, I feel something like an Action Tag would work instead. This is the only one I can think of right now, so any more ideas would help.

[Covert Action]: The Covert Action tag defines a post as being one of stealth and denies others the perception of the action. Any characters currently preoccupied take no notice at all. Any unoccupied characters do not take notice unless they are able to, and then only at the discretion of the player who is roleplaying a character carrying out a Covert Action.
Note: A Covert Action can only be done in a situation or setting that allows it. For example, a Covert Action done in the middle of an empty, well-lit room is near impossible without some sort of magic or distraction involved. Some Covert Actions that define a target, such as Larceny, forfeit going unnoticed rules-wise to the target. If there is a target or multiple targets of a Covert Action, then the player(s) of the target(s) must roleplay with the situation and decide if they notice.
Also of note is the skill pertaining to the Covert Action. Characters untrained in a skill may still perform the Covert Action, but roleplaying should reflect the lack of skill. For example, a soldier completely untrained in Larceny can try to steal from a rich woman, but they will almost certainly be caught. Similarly, if rich woman who has never had to move quietly in her life tries to sneak past a soldier, it is likely she will make a noise and he will take notice. At higher levels of skill, it becomes increasingly less likely that anyone will notice the Covert Action.

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