Aftermath - Creation of Life (unfinished)

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Aftermath - Creation of Life (unfinished)

Post by Tentacle Therapist on Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:44 am

Begun by Chaoswizkid:


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After sealing away the Death Gods beneath the surface of Ara'niel, those of Life were once more interested in creating life. However, they were afraid that they may restart the demon incident in a different hue and that the corruption seeping to the surface from the Death Gods may influence that life against them.

Umbsaliel (oom-sall-ee-el), one of the more imaginative Life Gods, decided to delve into dangerous waters first. Her stern belief was that the demons acted as such because they gave them too much control, too many abilities. This new life would only be able to achieve the Basics Of Life, and would be tested against the corruption from the Death Gods. To achieve the Basics of Life, they would harness energy through the sun using an absorption concept created by Hauzimbel (haw-z-imm-bell). To protect themselves from the harsh environments , those created of the base elements, they would develop hardened exteriors. They would be unable to move except by flexibility for the same reasion they were given hardened exteriors. They would also be denied sentient thought, one of the supposed catalysts that drove the demons against the Gods.

And so, Umbsaliel forged this life from her powers and planted across the planet, testing it in all ranges of elemental environments, and introducing it to the corruption of the Death Gods. It was a success none of the Life Gods could have predicted.

This life, hereafter referred to "Plants" for obvious reasons, flourished across the world. Using an adaptive concept also created by Hauzimbel, plant life would change according to it's environment in order to survive. Any mutations of the system would simply perish, as they would not last long without the adaptations. However, it was Xaliem's work that proved most beneficial. Umbsaliel granted Xaliem power over the life she created in order to protect it from the corruption of the Death Gods. He decided to enact on the complete opposite. The plant life that came into contact with the corruption simply absorbed it. This, of course, corrupted its very structure, twisting it into something quite different. It made it look menacing, it grew poisons, and, most remarkably, some were changed into a state of undeath. Umbsaliel was at first appalled, but was quickly reassured when Xaliem pointed out the possibility that this absorbance may lessen the corruption's effect on other creations of life.

The Life Gods waited patiently to see the full extent of their work over many decades. Kar'Kaish was content, still feeding off of the chaos caused in the Battle of the Gods, and of the little that Undeath generated.

The Basics of Life ensured that life itself would age because it relied on the physical properties of other things, which, with age, also degraded. Despite this, they were surprised to find that their plant life began to die out, except for that turned undead. Xaliem was quick to point out that, although corruption was concentrated where the Death Gods were buried, it permeated across the entire planet. When life ages, it should degrade until a point in which it can degrade no further while still carrying out the Basics of Life. This was to be ensured by the permanence of Life Energy. However, the presence of the corruption sped up the degrading process, and slowly drained Life Energy as well. Once life degraded to a certain point, it's Life Energy could no longer withstand the corruption of Death, and it passed into a state of Death.

Umbsaliel quickly thought of a solution, but one that demanded great sacrifice. Life, in order to perpetuate against Death, would have to reproduce without the aid of the Life Gods. This reproduction would have to draw upon a pool of readily-available energy in order to create new life for itself given certain conditions. This power could only come from the energy of a Life God, and only one that no longer had control over such energy. After designing the ability for plant life to plant itself through seeds and spores, another concept of Hauzimbel, she quickly sought out any Life God that would give the required sacrifice. Finding none, including her dutiful helper Grialiv (Gree-ah-leev), she decided to commit the sacrifice herself. She left her creation in the hands of Grialiv and denied herself access to her own powers. This loss utterly destroyed herself, and created a massive pool of energy all life could use to reproduce. It was divided into certain Nexuses (Doesn't Nexi or Nexusi look better than Nexuses?) that were placed carefully across the planet, having no other areas to place them.

Grialiv continued the development of plants with Xaliem, allowing them to be the basis upon all other life and the living defense against the corruption of Death.

(To Be Continued.. I have to take a pause...)


In reference to an article I'm going to post later
An optional thought
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