Kingdom of Kailzimoth

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Kingdom of Kailzimoth

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Kingdom of Kailzimoth

Government Type:

Divine Monarchy

Current Ruler:

Kaim Koria

Feral Kailzim


Kailzimoth is an area cradled by mountains, a peninsula into the earth. Although it's borders were impressive, after the descent of their society the Kingdom's bounds shortened considerably. To the east the kingdom is bordered by a mountain chain which radiates with power. To the north and north west they are bordered by the southern edge of the large mountains in the center of the mainland. From the west to the south east, they face open land and rivers, providing them with small forests and irrigated land.


The climate for Kailzimoth is more arid the closer you get towards the mountains, eventually ending up in a desert-esque wasteland where little can survive without the resources from the more temperate areas.


Kailzimoth relies on inter-kingdom trade, considering it has no foreign relations. Due to the area's diverse resources, this is a rather effective system. Although currency was used before Kailzimoth's downfall, there is now a communistic barter system, in which items are traded if they are mutually needed, rather than for their worth. This is especially important, given the fact that the overall population and quality of life is extremely low.


The culture of Kailzimoth is newly founded, the remnants of the human generations distorted by the constant presence of danger and need for survival. They focus on knowledge and honor, not allowing too much power to fall to any certain individual (ironic, considering the Third). However, they also believe deeply in their king, and so believe him to be their savior, the greatest of the Kailzim, chosen by fate to destroy the feral monsters.

Significant Cities/Towns:

Koris is the capital of Kailzimoth, and the most arid. It was once a very large city, but now only lays in a near-deserted state. Kaim and a small populace still reside in Koris, only taking up less than a tenth of the city. They are most centralized near the palace, but also around the outskirts as to watch out for an attack from the feral Kailzim. A small percentage of the population fall under the banner of the Hand of Kaim, while the rest stand as the Guard Of Koris.


Levian was one of the three original towns founded by the exiled mages, which grew into a city before the downfall. It stands closest to the source of wood and blood for the Kailzim, as they are nearest to the river, and have small forests and fertile land. The population here is a bit larger than that of Koris due to it's essential placement. It is governed by the High Mage Nazur, a prominent Kailzim, and the populace falls under the Guard of Levian.

Sallitus was another of the three original towns founded by the exiled mages, which grew into a city before the downfall. It stands between semi-fertile land and the arid mountains. Sallitus has not yet been reclaimed, and so is only populated by feral Kailzim.


Soral was the first town populated by Kailzim, sent by Kail the Third before the downfall. It has grown into the center of Kailzim knowledge and culture, where the elder Kailzim still dwell. One of the few surviving copies of the Legacy of Kail remains in Soral, as does a diary by Kail the Third, which roughly details the Third's Curse. Therefore, it is also the center of blood magic. Soral is the easternmost town, and most well-developed considering the fighting never reached Soral. In recent years, a wall has been constructed around Soral, and talk about founding the Kailzim's palace in the town has taken place.

Kaim Fortress
The Kaim Fortress is a renovated town, fortified with walls and towers. Named after the Divine King Kaim, greatest of all Kailzim, it serves as the first defensive line against the feral Kailzim, and the staging point for reclamation operations.

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