Kingdom of Eadhaolin

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Kingdom of Eadhaolin

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Government Type:

Elected Monarchy


Eadhaolin is located on a series of wide fertile fields, broad flat plains, and flowing rivers. It is beholden to several small mountain ranges that are home to a few deep gold and gem mines. It covers a wide tract of land that stretches south to Imperator, east to Mearc, and north past the Greater Wood to encompass the Darkwood. The wide tract of land it lays claim to is secured through a large number of individual farming communities and numerous cities and river ports.


Temperate in nearly every region. The modern technique of splitting the planting and picking of crops into four seasons was founded by agricultural pioneers in Eadhaolin and as such it no surprise that their own climate is in near perfect sync with that pattern of seasons.


Eadhaolin has been oft described as the breadbasket of Ara’niel. The proverbial granary for all mainland nations. This is a relatively accurate statement as the wide tracts of fertile fields and broad plains are the biggest source of crops and animal husbandry on the mainland. Being privy to several large rivers and key warm-water ports the populace of Eadhaolin is capable of quick and cheap transportation of their harvest and other goods all across the lands. It also exports a small but priceless variety of gold inlaid and gem studded jewelry created by some of the most professed crafters in history since the Fall. As a result Eadhaolin has become one of the wealthiest nations on the continent. Due to its relative lack of “practical ore” the people of Eadhoalin also tend to import a large amount of raw materials and forged arms.


The culture of Eadhaolin is one of that focuses on the broad contentment and personal virtues of chivalry and honor. The vast majority of the populace in Eadhoalin is rural based and are known for their haughty pride, communal spirit, and tradition. Most will never truly experience the wealth of inner-city dwellers but few have wished the tresses of that pompous and silly life. Preferring instead to put in a hard day’s work and go to bed with a full stomach. As the majority of members located in the House of Rule are elected by individual village councils who then dispatch them to Krak de Monutem, most rest assured that the interests of the farmer will be cared after.

In turn the nobility and city dwellers of Eadhaolin’s numerous urban centers are known for their focus on beauty, chivalry, wealth and mannerism. The masons and craftsmen toil laboriously to craft and build more and more beautiful edifices and manufacture more glorious works of Eadhaolin pride. In turn those people who are granted the title of knighthood work to protect the realm and the possibility of ascending to the rank of Rider of Eadhaolin; a legendary company of knights who have said never to have been defeated on an open field of battle. In turn the nobility and influential merchants continue to revel in luxury rarely afforded by kings of other nations and work to promote the trade and influence of the nation. Known for their arrogance and disdain of those less afforded then themselves, this upper-echelon of Eadhaolin class is viewed with dislike by nearly every class of people both foreign and national. Whether or not they are aware of it is unknown but whether or not they give two pennies of what others less privileged think is an easy guess.

Significant Settlements:

Krak de Monutem

The heart of Eadhaolin and one of the largest cities in the world. It is home to the Palace of the Sun, wherein presides the elected royal family, as well as the House of Rule, which elects the king and helps run many of the day to day affairs of the nation. Often regarded as the pinnacle of post-fall civilization, the city is one of the most beautiful in Ara'niel. It was built from the ground up not as a haven against the dangers of the world but instead as a monument to Eadhaolin culture and wealth. It is also the birthplace of the vaunted Riders of Eadhaolin. As per the custom of national pride the city bears no major fortifications of any kind. This stems from the belief that such precautions are unnecessary and costly in face of the might of Eadhaolin's knights. This custom has been ended in many smaller villages and towns as a result of the Trodden War, though Krak de Monutem remains defiant.


Bordaeux, much like the dark woods around it, the strong and forbidding warm water port of Eadhaolin. The primary importer of foreign goods, it is chief though by no means the only port of the granary nation. Originally a sprawling market city with all the trappings and wealth that such an important port would be accustomed to, it was besieged and destroyed by the armies of Imperator during the Trodden War. The effects of that destruction had deep ramifications for the populace of the Eadhaolin and the loss of the city was viewed as a near kill stroke by the Imperators during the war. Since then the city has been rebuilt with more practical purposes in mind. One of the few truly fortified settlements in the nation, its primary concern is the quick ascertaining of goods and their even quicker deployment downriver where they are then dispersed via a wide variety of trading outlets. It is also the headquarters of the Eadhaolin navy and coordinates the various patrols that help keep the shipping lanes clear of pirates or foreign state sponsored sea raiding.

Krak de Rune

Literally translated into The City of Jewels. This settlement lies on a nexus of roads that connect the various gold and precious stone mines in the western side of the Black Mountains. Known mostly for its world famous jewel crafters and gold-workers, the city quickly became one of the richest in the world and provided the cold coin for much of the progress and construction in the rest of Eadhalion. During the Trodden War the city was breached and nearly half of it burned to the ground before the cities forces beat the enemy back. Since that time the people have done what they can to repair their damaged estate and excavate the profitable mining network that was demolished by the retreating Imperator army.

Krak de Fhan

A considerable city located in the heart of the Golden Plains, it offers the only true sign of urbanization for western Eadhalion. Located right on the Long Road, which works as the primary highway for travel from Mearcian to Eadhalion, the city channels the crop harvest and western trade through the rest of the kingdom. It has remained undisturbed for many decades and even avoided much of the conflict of the Trodden War.

Ruins of Dehlan

Once a large city that grew rich on the prosperous metal trade between Imperator and Eadhalion, the city now lays in complete ruin and disrepair. The first tragedy of the Trodden War, the city was assaulted in the dead of night by the Black Army and taken completely by surprise. Ransacked and burned the city became the site of a small garrison of Imperator troops and lay forgotten for most of the war. After the unconditional withdrawal of Imperator troops, the city was abandoned by the Black Army and left to rot by the rest of Eadhalion.

Recent History:

Eadhalion has remained one of the most successful kingdoms in Ara'niel for many decades. This is due in no small part to their strong relationship with the Conclave and their indispensable position as the granary of the world. It is commonly believed war with Eadhalion would almost assuredly result in the nation of the people attacking starving as a result. Thus any assault would need to be quick and overwhelming. Almost impossible given the large number of village militia's capable of being drawn upon by the state along with their formidable knights and Conclave magicians.

Such was not the case during the Trodden War. Brought about by false claims of the former Imperator king Tiberius the III, Imperator waged a bloody struggle against Eadhalion. The Imperator King was jealous of Eadhalion's success in the face of the Great War and the Division of Vernaii, and so ordered his people to assault Eadhalion with ruthless abandon. Though the mighty Riders of Eadhalion continued to win victory after victory against the invaders, they sent countless warbands numbering in the hundreds and thousands to lay waste to the countryside and burn the breabasket nations towns and villages in hopes of forcing her to capitulate.

After the Black Army's treacherous victory at Bordaeux, and cut off from the aid of the Conclave and Eadhalion's other allies, Eadhalion forces marshaled for a climatic battle outside the city of Krak de Monutem. Slated to be the bloodiest victory in Eadhalion history, the battle was prevented at the last moment by the young Prince of Imperator, who had unexpectedly ascended to the throne due to his father's timely death.

Since the end of the Trodden War, the nation of Eadhalion has worked hard to rebuild all that was lost during the conflict. In turn relationships between the two nations have begun to ease with time though a bitter rivalry now permeates through the blood of the children born during and after the war. Fed and nurtured by the fathers and mothers who lived through that period of strife. Eadhalion while once a nation ascendent is now caught in a cross-roads. Eadhalion had always walked the razors edge mantaining the splendor of that nation. It now seeks to reclaim that lost beauty but struggles to do so with far fewer resources than before. Discontentment once unheard of has begun to permeate the land as taxes are raised on land already destroyed by Imperator to pay for restoration. The House of Rule has begun to gain a reputation for corruption as richer nobility -having instituted new laws in the absence of many village nobility- saw their influence expanded dramatically. And if only to make matters worse a political war of succession seems to has gripped the nation as the last ruler of Eadhalion passed with no clear heir to succeed him.

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Re: Kingdom of Eadhaolin

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So what happened to the halfway developed map of Eadhaolin?


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